Bathroom Cleaning Tips: What is one of the worst household chores to you? Which can completely be stuck you among all the cleaning chores? It is obviously cleaning the bathroom, no doubt.

But, no way, as you have to clean your dirty bathroom on a regular basis to live hygienically. You have to clean from soap scum to mirror, all the hidden corner even of your bathroom. So won’t it be intelligence to love this cleaning task and know the proper way of cleaning bathroom?

Cleaning a germ-filled zone like the bathroom is not an easy task at all. But there is nothing to be worried also. If you know the most proper and proven way of bathroom cleaning, then this cleaning task will be easy and funny to you!

And good news for you that I am going to share with you some exclusive bathroom cleaning tips that I have experienced during last few years. These cleaning tips are, no doubt, quick and easy. I hope these turn bathroom cleaning from least favorite chore to an absolute breeze to you. So, let’s check out these.

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Gather Cleaning Materials

bathroom cleaning tipsAs a first and foremost step of your bathroom cleaning, you have to select your cleaning materials that you are going to use and gather them. In the light of my past experience, I can mention that the following materials you have need to start your bathroom cleaning.

  • Bathroom cleaning spray
  • Gloves
  • Scrub brush
  • Soap scum and mildew remover
  • Bucket
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Clean rags (at least two large and three small)
  • floor cleaner
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Glass cleaner
  • Squeegee,
  • old newspapers or lint-free cloth

Clean Your Toilet

After gathering cleaning materials, now you can start your bathroom cleaning mission. You can choose your toilet to clean first as it is the most important part of your bathroom. Use white vinegar as a toilet cleaner. It is a natural cleaning solution and kills germs and bacteria. It will make your toilet sparkling clean.

Use vinegar mixed Soak paper towel to clean the stuff under the rim. And finally, remove the scrub and toilet paper with a cleaning toothbrush. Then flush the entire toilet.

Clean Your Bathroom’s Mirror

bathroom cleaning tips

Your bathroom’s mirror is being covered with makeup, dust, and toothpaste at every now and then. Thus it becomes totally fade once and then you can hardly see your face even.

To get rid of this shabby mirror, you have to spray cleaning products to clean the mirror. You can also use a paper towel mixing with water to clean it. It will make your mirror streaky and blotchy shiny

Clean Toothbrush Holders and Toilet Brush

bathroom cleaning tips

These small bathroom’s components are also important to be cleaned. When you see that your toothbrush holder is clogged with unnecessary grime and soap scum, just let them throw into the dishwasher and the technology will help you to clean it.

To prevent from spreading bad smells from your toilet brush, just pour some toilet cleaner on it and then wash away with water. You will surely get a good smell then.

Bottom Line

So, hopefully, you have gone through all the mentioned tips already to get a very clean and hygienic bathroom. I am assuring it that your effort will not go in vain if you follow these tips.

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