Keeping the house clean has become a crucial factor as we all are leading a busy life. You may be centered in a very tied schedule and you have no time actually to look after your house cleaning.

But at the same time, you surely don’t want to reside in a dirty house? Actually, no one wants to see his house dirty and shabby. Then what is the solution? How can you match your tied schedule with the house cleaning activities, a very major of your lifestyle?

Ok. Get relaxed. To avoid these worrisome facts, you have to the proper way that how can you clean your house smoothly spending very minimum time. I have mentioned here some exclusives house cleaning tips for you which are already proved to be very effective in house cleaning. Hopefully, these tips will lessen your tension of house cleaning. So, let’s see.

Exclusive House Cleaning Tips

Before starting cleaning activities, you can divide your total house some major parts such as bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom so that you can run your cleaning activities smoothly. Clean the house room by room. You can have music at cleaning period. It will undoubtedly accelerate your cleaning mission!

Remember that the less unnecessary things you have, the less you have to clean. Select first your essential commodities from your belongings.Then put away your unnecessary books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, furniture and even toys for your kids. Donate your old clothes and shoes to recycle!

Then clean and scrutinize the dust from all useful items. But don’t forget to turn off the light, bulbs and ceiling fans at the time of dusting work. Check the list below to ensure the proper cleaning of your house.


Your bedroom is the most sensitive place in your house. A clean bedroom is a symbol of your sense of beauty. To clean the bedroom properly, you may follow the following steps.

  • Put away your furniture first,
  • Vacuum the house,
  • Then return the furniture (diaper bins, chairs, etc.),
  • Make the bed and
  • Organize your sock drawer,
  • Use a glass cleaner in the windows first
  • Then wipe the windows with newspapers.
  • Clean window screens with warm water and cleaner


  • Wipe your kitchen cabinets with soft cloth,
  • Clean your kitchen appliances (microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher),
  • Clean sink in and around,
  • Wipe down your stove top,
  • Soak your stove drip pans and knobs in sink,
  • Then at last sweep and mop your kitchen floor,


  • At first, remove rugs or wastebaskets before using vacuum cleaner,
  • Remove everything from shower,
  • Place bath mat in shower,
  • Wet shower walls with warm water,
  • Clean your soap dishes,
  • Clean shower rack,
  • Scrub your bathroom sink,
  • Clean your bathroom mirror by spraying,
  • Replace bath mat, rugs, and wastebaskets if they are old enough,

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I can assure you that if you maintain all the mentioned tips, your house cleaning task will be more perfect than before. Moreover, these will save your valuable time in case of house cleaning.

So, happy cleaning!

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