Shark ZZ550 Review: If you are looking for the best vacuum for tile and carpet with low maintenance machine that will help you to clean all the floors in your house. The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) may be what you are looking for. This product is one of the unique carpet and floor cleaning product available on the market, as it does not use water.

The device sprays mist on the floor and goes to work scrubbing. This makes carpet and tile floor cleaning a quick and easy task that does not require a lot of preparation or cleanup.

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner cleaning system lifts and removes the dirt on the carpet and removes the stuck down dirt on hard floors.

The system will first remove the visible dirt and then activates its special low moisture no rinse solution to get rid of the stuck down dirt that lies deep in the carpet.

Whom is this Product Designed for?

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550 is designed for –

  • Home cleaners
  • Office cleaners
  • Institution/school cleaners

Continue reading this shark zz550 review.  This might be the best vacuum cleaner for you that you were looking for.
Shark ZZ550 Review

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Shark ZZ550 Review

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Anyway, let’s see the shark zz550 review on a quick video.

Rapid Scrubbing Action

The stuck dirt and not surface dirt is the leading causes of odors and stains in carpeting. The Shark sonic duo zz550 comes with an integrated technology that focuses on removing the stuck dirt efficiently. This action is accomplished by use of a combination of unique cleaning features as well as scrubbing action.

The device scrubs the carpet 1000 times per minute. This product can be used on carpets, rugs as well as hardwood flooring such as tiles, vinyl, and stone and so on. The manufacturer, however, warns against using this product on highly worn floors or floors with oil or wax finishes.

Lightweight With Slim

Shark sonic duo zz550 weighs under 10lbs. This is less than half of the weight of the most of the regular carpet cleaners. This unit is lighter than the usual lightweight cleaners are. You do not have to carry a large water tank full with water when operating the machine. The device is designed primarily for routine maintenance.

This means you can use it on the carpet as well as other hard surfaces to get rid of the accumulation of dirt, dust, grime while at the same time keeping allergens and other unpleasant odors at bay.

The product can be the best vacuum for tile floors and pet hair as it is effective in getting rid of pet stains.

Low Moisture Cleaning Solution

One thing we love about Shark sonic carpet cleaner is that you do not have to wait for more than an hour for a carpet to dry once you have cleaned it. The special low moisture cleaning solution combined with the impressive scrubbing action will remove all the stuck down dirt.

The cleaning solution and dirt are then vacuumed up out of the carpet. The product also comes with a long cord that allows for a lot of cleaning to be done without having to stop and plug in the cleaner.

Reusable Cleaning Pads

Where some of the floor and carpet similar to this product use disposable pads, the sonic duo comes with washable and reusable pads.

Reusable pads are ideal as you do not have to keep on rushing to your nearest shop to purchase new ones. This will save you time, energy and money. Each of the large sizes is color coded in accordance with the surface they are best suited to be used on.

The hard floor pads have a green trim while the carpet pads have a purple trim. The cleaning solutions which are non-toxic to children and pets are also color-coded for the same reason.

Airglide Maneuverability

Since the Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) come with microfiber pads, it will glide effortlessly on the surface or carpet being cleaned.

The cleaning solution in the pads together with the right suction will assist you to loosen the dirt and clean easily. The product also comes with a swivel steering for added maneuverability.

Also, the model is equipped with headlights to illuminate poorly lit areas.


  • Two-speed settings that can vibrate up to 1000 times a minute.
  • Cleans refreshes carpets and polishes hard floors.
  • Headlight illuminates poorly lit areas and helps identify ingrained patches of dirt.
  • The buttons are conveniently placed, making spraying easy.
  • Low moisture concentrated no rinse carpet cleaner.
  • A pretreated carpet stain and odor remover.
  • Compact, square head gets into awkward corners and small spaces.


  • You have to use the manufacturer’s cleanser with this machine.


The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) is an effective tile floor and carpet cleaners that deliver excellent cleaning efforts for common stains such as tomato sauce, muddy footprints, soy sauce and red wine.

The device will rejuvenate your carpet and leave the surface smelling fresh.

If you are looking for a floor cleaner that is easy to use, does away with having to deal with annoying traditional mops and will not break the bank this product is worth a look.

Now it is your turn. Let me know your opinion on sonic duo review.

As you know I am using Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner to clean my tile floors, so I know detailed on Dyson DC33 better than this, I have written the Dyson DC33 review too.

If you are the user of Shark zz550, you might know better than me. So, if you think I miss anything, then mention that in the comment below.

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